Business model

Opportunities for cooperation with the port of Sillamäe are numerous, ranging from one or longer transportation contracts to a land-use contract of up to 99 years. Port of Sillamäe will find the best solution for your company.

The most widely used option for cooperation is to transport all types of export, import or transit cargoes through the port, using the services of operating terminals and a railway station there. To do this, you have to contact the terminal or the commercial service of the port, depending on the categories of goods (see chapter of Cargo Handling).

Another option is to set up a factory in the industrial park located in the port for cargo processing (terminal, distribution center, etc.), development of on-site production (plant) or provision of services related to activities of port or/and its partners (see the head of the Industrial Park). 

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Cargo handling

Goods and ships are serviced at the port of Sillamäe 24/7.

Almost all types of goods are processed: dry and liquid cargoes, bulk, general, project and container cargoes.

Cargo transport is carried out by sea, rail and road.

Shippers and recipients are offered a wide variety of port services - loading and unloading ships, shipping of goods by all modes of transport, warehouse services, customs brokerage services, cargo forwarding, packaging of cargo, etc.

On request for cargo to be transported through the port of Sillamäe, we recommend you to contact the port office in Sillamäe or Silsteve terminal:

Kesk 2, 40231 Sillamäe
Tel: +372 392 9150
Faks: +372 392 9177

Kesk 2, 40231 Sillamäe
Tel: +372 392 9200
Faks: +372 392 9207

Industrial park

Port Sillamäe is a landlord port with the territory of 750 hectares. More than half of this land is occupied by the port's own facilities (quays, railway station, road network, etc.), 4 terminals, Silpower AS, Silport Kinnisvara AS, environmental company AS Ökosil and a number of other manufacturing and other companies. There are 69 of them all together. They all form the cluster of the port of Sillamäe.

In the port area there are more than 300 hectares of free space for the construction of industrial enterprises, cargo terminals, distribution centers, etc. There is possible to find for them a suitable place closer to the sea or further away from it.

The most welcome are the partners, whose business is to be expected successful specially on the port area, as well as they can take full advantage from that:

  • good access to piers, railway station and terminals;
  • simple access to other countries by sea, railway and roads;
  • work in the Free Zone;
  • the availability of all necessary communications (road network, water and sewerage, electricity and thermal supplies, telecommunications);
  • the availability of various services on the ground (real estate, security, environmental, customs and other services);
  • long-term land use agreements and a reliable partner - Port of Sillamäe.

When designing your cooperation with the port of Sillamäe, it is useful to know that the port is itself in a permanent stage of development (see chapter. Plan of the Port, Masterplan). The realization of your business model also motivates the port to complete its own development plans.

If you wish to develop some activity in the industrial park of the port of Sillamäe, then it is advisable to first contact the head office of the port in the Old City of Tallinn:

Suur-Karja 5, 10140 Tallinn
Tel: +372 640 5271
Fax: +372 640 5279

Project cargo

The Port of Sillamäe and the terminal of AS SilSteve have a long-term experience of handling industrial projects including oversized and heavy lift cargo. Over 110ha of open storage areas are available for assembling and temporary storage of project cargo in the Port of Sillamäe. Electricity and water supply, security and video surveillance, cargo handling, stock accounting, issuance of customs and transport documentation are among the services rendered by the Port of Sillamäe and the terminal of AS SilSteve to the companies that execute project cargo assembling and/or handling projects in the Port of Sillamäe.

Assembling project goods in the port avoids their cumbersome transport by land. After assembly, the goods will be loaded on the vessel and customs, forwarding and other services can be also arranged on site.

We kindly recommend You contacting the multifunctional terminal Silsteve:


Kesk 2, 40231 Sillamae, Estonia
Phone: +372 392 9200


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2 Kesk Str., 40231 Sillamäe

Phone: (+372) 392 9150

Fax: (+372) 392 9177



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