The port of Sillamäe is located in the North-East of Estonia, 25 km from the border between the European Union and the Russian Federation.

It is the easternmost port of the European Union in the Baltic Sea, which has a land links with the Eurasian mainland destinations by Tallinn - St. Petersburg route E20 and Tallinn - St. Petersburg Railway.

The port of Sillamäe is located in the Gulf of Narva and is open all year round.


The aquatic area of the port is 390.5 hectares, the coastal territory reaches 750 hectares.

The area has an open 82-hectare storage area for containers, bulk and general cargo, as well as 30 hectares for storage of cars, wheeled vehicles and other ro-ro cargo, as well as 71 000 m2 of covered storage space for storage of general cargo and other goods.

The port area has over 300 hectares of free space for the construction of industrial plants, cargo terminals, distribution centers, etc.

The Sea Canal is an in-depth one-sided Group A canal equipped with both night and day navigation signs and has a guaranteed depth of 16 m (BK77). The canal axis is the same for all ships.


The deep sea port has 13 stationary berths with a depth of 12 to 16 meters and a length of 175 to 319 meters, which allows vessels up to 275 meters long, up to 56 meters wide and with the draft up to 15.2 meters.

The port station has 14 roads from 1050 to 1500 meters long. The total length of railways is 34 km. The railway station is extended to a berths area which facilitates handling of bulk, container and general cargo.

The port rail network also includes a 4,6-kilometre connection to the Vaivara Station (Estonian Railway). There are 6 maneuverable locomotives at Sillamäe railway station.

The port's road network is 11 kilometers long.

A passenger terminal has been built to organize passenger traffic and passenger service.


The railway station of the port of Sillamäe handles various groups of goods: petroleum products, shale oil, liquid chemical products, container cargoes, bulk and general cargoes.

The following rail services are provided with the handling of cargo:

  • Expeditions on contractual tariffs on the Estonian Railway to the Vaivara tariff station, under a contract with Port Sillamäe to Sillamäe station.
  • The delivery/cleaning of the wagons to the front of loading/unloading by the Port Sillamäe locomotive.
  • Using the port's infrastructure, weighing cargo, maneuvering work is carried out at the price list of the station and on the basis of contractual relations, taking into account the specific desires of the Client and the type of cargo.

The reprocessing capacity of the port station of Sillamäe in the first stage of infrastructure development is up to 12 million tons of cargo per year.


Silpower AS is a privately held company that was established in 1997 and the business of this network company is the production, distribution and sale of heat and electricity in Sillamäe town and the industrial zone.

Silpower AS provides users with the following types of energy:

  • Electricity
  • Heat
    - steam (0.4 MPa, 250oC)
  • Heat water
  • Technological water
  • Drinking water


Silpower AS
Kesk tn. 4, 40231, Sillamäe, Eesti
Tel: +372 39 29110
Faks: +372 39 29151



Ivangorod border crossing will be closed

The Russian Federation has officially confirmed that the Ivangorod border crossing will be temporarily closed to vehicles from 01.02.2024 due to reconstruction works. This change concerns the Narva and Sillamäe waiting areas, because the Narva border crossing will be closed to vehicles on 01.02.2024 at 00:00. The Narva border crossing will be reopened to vehicles after receiving official confirmation from the Russian Federation regarding the reopening of the Ivangorod border crossing. Based on the information sent by the Russian Federation, the reconstruction work will be completed at the end of 2025.

When crossing the border with a vehicle, we recommend taking into account the possible queues and not leaving the border crossing in Narva to the last moment, because from 01.02.2024 at 00:00, vehicles cannot exit the Russian Federation or enter the Republic of Estonia through the Narva border crossing. The border crossing remains open for pedestrians.




The construction of the Sillamäe Truck Stop (border parking zone) is a result of cooperation between the European Commission, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, and the Port of Sillamäe. The TruckStop has allowed for the elimination of the queue of trucks on the highway, waiting to cross the border, improved road safety and living conditions for the drivers, and provides them with an opportunity to rest and relax. The realization of the project will also help to arrange the work of the maritime crossing post.

In addition to the offices of the customs officers, the building is also equipped with rooms for declarants, for the employees who deal with digital data, personnel service rooms, a cafe, rest area and all other necessary facilities. The system of electronic queue for border crossing GoSwift, developed by the GirF company, is used in the process of the functioning of the parking zone. The mentioned system works at all Estonian land border crossing posts (Narva, Koidula, Luhamaa) on the border with the Russian Federation and was designed to make the process of border-crossing more convenient and without unnecessary downtime.

Parking area in Sillamäe only serves trucks and is united with the Port of Sillamäe and a maritime crossing post, which permits drivers to choose the opportunity for border crossing — to cross the land border, or go to Russia by ferry. The advantages of the Sillamäe truck parking area include the possibility to clear customs, to complete customs declaration forms, to send digital information across the border and to sign in for the electronic queue, which will speed up border crossing significantly. The parking lot allows for 450 heavy-duty trucks to be accommodated at the same time.

To use the Sillamäe Truckstop border parking area, it is recommended to contact the waiting area:

Tallinn-Narva Highway 182 km

Tööstuse 14
40231 Sillamäe
Tel: +372 39 29 255

or register your border crossing over the Internet www.eestipiir.ee 

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