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General information

Port of Sillamäe (SILPORT) the closest EU port to Russia, located only in 25 km from EU-Russia boarder (Narva – Ivangorod).



Port of Sillamäe is:

  • the most eastern port of the EU;
  • a deep-sea port;
  • navigable and operating all year round;
  • a multifunctional port;
  • privately owned;
  • a Free Zone.
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It is located only 25 km from the EU-Russian border and, hence, can serve as an efficient platform for the distribution of goods to neighbouring markets of:

  • Russia and the CIS in the East
  • Scandinavia and the EU in the West

As a multifunctional port, SILPORT has an infra- and superstructure capable to handle all cargo groups from oil-products and dry bulk to containerised cargo. Natural depth of up to 16,5 m (BK77) at the quaysides of the port are sufficient for servicing the largest vessels that can enter the Baltic Sea through the Danish Straights.


Sillamäe Free Zone status (with 0% taxes and duties) in combination with the liberal fiscal policy of Estonia (0% corporate income tax on retained earnings) provides companies an efficient business environment in SILPORT for value-added distribution and manufacturing in the region.



4 new berths for handling containerized and General cargo with a total length of 850 metres were opened in 2014. In the long term the port to be expansion through the construction of new berths, bringing rail branch lines to the berths area, as well as the construction of new warehouses with capacity-building and diversification of machinery park.



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