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About station

The Sillamäe Railway Station is a cargo station, providing handling services of various cargo groups, located:

  • 25 km from the border of Russia and Estonia;
  • 4,6 km from Vaivara station (Estonian Railway Company).

Infrastructure of the station

  • overall length of the infrastructure of the Station is 33.9 km;
  • 14 tracks with useful length of 1050 to 1500 meters and capacity of 72 to 104 conditional cars;
  • constructions, technical devices and platforms to perform cargo operations at the station;
  • locomotive depot.

The Station will be expanded to include 18 tracks in the future, 10 of which will be 1117 to 1500 m long (77-104 conditional cars) and 8 will be 1050 m each.

Hauling equipment: 5 shunting-track locomotives TEM TMH and 1 shunting locomotive type TEM 2.


The processing capability of the station at the first stage of development is 12M t/year.